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Kt Kingtronics SMD ECAP Cross Reference with Excellent Lead Time And Price

Kingtronics SMD ECAP can make replacement for following Brand with more excellent lead time and price!

Kindly share your inquiry with us to help you cost down, welcome contact us for more information.

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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD Type
Kingtronics P/N Characteristic Nichicon Samwha Rubycon CHEMI-CON
GKT-VA 85°C 2000Hr~3000Hr UWX SC SEV MVA
GKT-VT 105°C 1000H~2000H UWT RC SKV MVE
GKT-VE 105°C 2000H-3000H UA JM SJV MVL
GKT-VK 105°C 2000H-3000H UD CM MLA
Extra Lower Impedance
GKT-VL 105°C 3000H-5000H UL CA SLV, SGV MLK, MVL
GKT-VZ 105°C 1000H-2000H WF CK TZV MZA, MVY
Low Impedance

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