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Kt Nylon Folding Reusable Bags as Souvenirs for Old Customers

Kingtronics made some Nylon Folding Reusable Bags for old customer in response to environmental campaign around the world. This bag is not only for your everyday grocery shopping, its design makes it the perfect reusable shopping bag as well. Every time you use our reusable bags, you are helping the environment by avoiding using about 3-4 single-use plastic bags which would end up in landfills.

We are inviting you to Kingtronics 30th Anniversary Celebration in Hong Kong. At that time, we will send some small gifts to the participants, Nylon Bags are inclusive. Wish lucky draw close to you. By the way, are you going to electronics Asia HK 2019? Welcome to our booth NO: 5G-C26.

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