Kingtronics produce and sell a wide variety of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with long life, low Impedance and excellent performance options. Kingtronics best Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors include Axial Type, Radial Type, Snap-in Type, Screw Type and Lug Type and SMD Chip Type. Operating temperatures up to 150°C are available. Applications include automotive power, industrial LED lighting, telecom infrastructure and so on. Please refer to below product list of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

Kingtronics Kt Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Product List

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Radial Type
Kingtronics P/NLoad LifeTemperaturesCharacteristicDatasheet
GKT-GS2000H85°CSuper Miniaturized↓ Download PDF
GKT-GT2000H105°CHigh Temperature↓ Download PDF
GKT-GH2000H105°CLow Impedance↓ Download PDF
GKT-GL5000H105°CLong Life↓ Download PDF
GKT-GD3000H~6000H105°CMiniaturized, long life↓ Download PDF
GKT-GE5000H130°CLong life↓ Download PDF
GKT-GF5000H105°CMiniaturized,high stability↓ Download PDF
GKT-GQ4000H~10000H105°CLong life, Miniature↓ Download PDF
GKT-GR3000H~6000H105°CLong life,High frequency↓ Download PDF
GKT-GU3000H105°CLong life, Miniature↓ Download PDF
GKT-GZ6000H-10000H105°CExtremely long life↓ Download PDF
GKT-GN1000H105°CNon-Polarized↓ Download PDF
GKT-GW2000H105°CExtra Lower Impedance↓ Download PDF
Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors
Kingtronics P/NLoad LifeTemperaturesCharacteristicDatasheet
GKT-AS2000H105°CStandard Low ESR↓ Download PDF
GKT-AR2000H105°CSuper Low ESR↓ Download PDF
GKT-AU2000H125°CHigh Ripple Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-AX2000H125°CHigh Temperature↓ Download PDF
GKT-AP2000H105°CLow ESR↓ Download PDF
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – SMD Type
Kingtronics P/NLoad LifeTemperaturesCharacteristicDatasheet
GKT-VA2000H85°CStandard↓ Download PDF
GKT-VT1000H~2000H105°CStandard↓ Download PDF
GKT-VC2000H105°CLow Leakage Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-VE2000H-3000H105°CLong Life↓ Download PDF
GKT-VK2000H-3000H105°CExtra Lower Impedance↓ Download PDF
GKT-VL3000H-5000H105°CExtra Long Life↓ Download PDF
GKT-VN2000H105°CBi-polar↓ Download PDF
GKT-VZ1000H-2000H105°CLow Impedance↓ Download PDF
GKT-VU3000H105°CLong Life↓ Download PDF
GKT-VD5000H105°CLong life↓ Download PDF
GKT-VW10000H105°CLong life↓ Download PDF
GKT-VH1000H-2000H125°CLong life↓ Download PDF
GKT-VF2000H-5000H105°CSuper Low Impedance↓ Download PDF
GKT-VR2000H-3000H105°CSmall Size↓ Download PDF
GKT-VX2000H-55°C~ +105°CSmall Size↓ Download PDF
GKT-VY2000H105°CSmall Size↓ Download PDF
GKT-VJ2000H105°CSmall Size↓ Download PDF
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Snap-in, Lug and Screw Type
Kingtronics P/NLoad LifeTemperaturesCharacteristicDatasheet
GKT-SB1000H85°CSnap-in, High Ripple Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-SS2000H85°CSnap-in, High Ripple Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-ST2000H105°CSnap-in, High Ripple Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-SC5000H85°CSnap-in, High Ripple Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-SD3000H105°CSnap-in, High Ripple Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-CA2000H85°CScrew, High Ripple Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-CB2000H105°CScrew, High Ripple Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-UA1000H85°CLug, Standard product↓ Download PDF
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Axial Type
Kingtronics P/NLoad LifeTemperaturesCharacteristicDatasheet
GKT-AL2000H85°CLow Leakage Current↓ Download PDF
GKT-AV2000H85°CStandard↓ Download PDF
GKT-AT1000H105°CStandard↓ Download PDF
GKT-AA1000H105°CAudio, DF at Max 4% BP↓ Download PDF
GKT-AM1000H105°CAudio, DF at Max 5% BP↓ Download PDF
GKT-AN1000H105°CAudio, DF at Max 10% BP↓ Download PDF
GKT-AQ1000H105°CAudio, DF at Max 10% BP↓ Download PDF
GKT-AB2000H105°CNon-Polarized↓ Download PDF
GKT-AC2000H105°CBi-Polarized↓ Download PDF
GKT-AD1000H105°CAudio,Standard↓ Download PDF
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