Screw type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors can be applied to computers, communication powers, and Hi-ripple circuit of electric vehicle, electric train, general-purpose inverter, etc.

Our Screw type E-cap can replace below brands with competitive offer. We can also customize the request, too.

Welcome your inquiry to check the best offer for you. 

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Screw Type Cross reference 
KingtronicsLoad lifeEpcosHitachiNichicon 
GKT-CA2,000hrs at 85℃B41456, B41458HCGW2LNY 
B43456, B43458HCGWA  
B43564, B43584HCGF5/6A  
B43455, B43457HCG7A  
GKT-CB2,000hrs at 105℃B43740, B43760HCGHALNT 
B41560, B41580   
B43750, B43770   
KingtronicsLoad lifeNIPPON,SamwhaYAGEO 
GKT-CA2,000hrs at 85℃ESMEGTNP 
GKT-CB2,000hrs at 105℃EKMHCUPUH 

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