SMD type Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors is one of Kingtronics hottest product series.This series of product is widely used for Electrical products such as Power supplies, Industrial Machines, Speed Controller, LED lighting, LED Power Device, LED Driver, Meters and many more.

Kingtronics Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – SMD Type
SeriesLoad Life (Hr)TemperaturesVoltage rangeCharacteristic
GKT-VF2000H-5000H-55°C~ +105°C6.3V~100VSuper Low Impedance
GKT-VL3000H-5000H-55°C~ +105°C6.3V~100VExtra Long Life
GKT-VN2000H-55°C~ +105°C6.3V~50VBi-polar
GKT-VZ1000H-2000H-55°C~ +105°C6.3V~100VLow Impedance
GKT-VU3000H-40°C~105°C160V~450VLong Life
GKT-VD5000H-40°C~105°C400VLong life
GKT-VH1000H-2000H– 40°C~125°C10V~63VLong life
GKT-VR2000H-3000H-55°C~ +105°C6.3V~50VSmall Size
GKT-VX2000H-55°C~ +105°C6.3V~50VSmall Size
GKT-VY2000H-55°C~ +105°C6.3V~50VSmall Size,High Ripple current
GKT-VJ2000H-40°C~105°C10V~16VSpecial design for LED display screen

Watch production video for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – SMD Type:https://youtu.be/ZpMf5VRjjFU

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