Kingtronics’ Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors have the characteristics of low ESR, low impedance, and large permissible ripple current.

Besides, the temperature characteristics are also very stable, and it has excellent performance in terms of blog absorption, smoothness, and transient response.

Below is our product line for Polymer E-cap, welcome check our best offer for you. 😊

Series nameTypeRated VoltageOperating TemperatureFeatures
GKT-AS 105°C 2000 hrs Standard low ESRRadial type2.5V~ 25V.DC -55℃~+105℃Standard series, Low ESR at high frequency range
GKT-AR 105°C 2000 hrs Super low ESRLow ESR series, Super Low ESR at high frequency range
GKT-AP 105°C 2000 hrs low ESRSMD Type2.5V – 100V.DCLow ESR Series, lead free reflow soldering condition at 250℃ peak correspondence, miniaturized

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