Kingtronics Screw Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are available in the range of <1 μF to several farads with working voltages up to several hundred volts DC.
A thin layer of aluminum oxide forms the dielectric.

We offer 2 kinds of Screw Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. Please check below is their features.
For further information, please contact to our sales team via our official email address info@kingtronics.com

Application:  computers, communication powers, and Hi-ripple circuit of electric vehicle, electric train, general-purpose inverter

Screw type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
SeriesCapacitance RangeVoltage RangeOperating TemperatureVarious dimensions:
GKT-CA270uF  ~ 820000uF10V – 450V.DC-40℃~ +85℃36*53mm – 90*236mm
GKT-CB180uF – 680000uF10V – 400V.DC-40°C~ +105°C35*50mm – 89*140mm
Kingtronics Screw type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors-GKT-CA& CB

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