Are you keeping locating superior supplier of Snap- in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors possess with stable lead time and competitive price? We are one of the best choice for you to choose potentiometer suppliers.

Kingtronics Snap-in ECAP could make replacement for following Brands with more excellent price and outstanding qualities, we offer efficient and stable lead time for only around 3-4 weeks!

Don’t hesitate and welcome to contact us for further details, let us check for the best quotation for you.

Kingtronics P/NCharacteristicEPCOSPanasonicNichicon
GKT-SS85°C 2000HrB41231/ B43510/ B43520TS-UQ/ T-UPLS/LG
85°C 3000HrB43511/ B43521  
GKT-ST105°C 2000HrB41252/ B43504/ B43515TS-MD/ TS-HCGG/GL/AK/AQ
GKT-SC85°C 5000HrB43501/ B43540  
Kingtronics Your Best Choice of Snap- in Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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