The SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors(Kt SMD E Cap) is particularly suitable for miniaturization and large capacity of the capacitor. The GKT-VD with black print and “KtK” or “KK”mark on the case top has best in class high-frequency performance, and it can reduce the interference of electromagnetic and radio frequency.

Designed for surface mounting on high density circuit board
ISO/RoHS certified quality
Life time 105℃ 6000hrs standard product
Operating temperature range: -40℃~+105℃
Wide range capacitance: 1uF – 22uF
Voltage range: 160V ~ 450V.DC
Available for high density surface mounting
High stability and reliability

Kingtroncis GKT-VD applications can be divided into: Consumer Electronics like Digital Set-Top Boxes, LCD, Car DVD; Industrial Electronics and Lighting Industry like LED Lighting, Telecom Infrastructure; New Energy and Automobile Industries like Vehicle Electric Equipment.
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