Kingtroncis GKT-VK is a SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor(Kt SMD E Cap) with black print and “KtK” or “KK”mark on the case top. The GKT-VK series capacitor is designed for surface mounting on high density PC board. Applicable to emboss carrier tape packing system is available for automatic insertion.

Designed for surface mounting on high density circuit board
ISO/RoHS certified quality
Long load life: 3000H
Extra low impedance with temperature range: -55℃~+105℃
Impedance 40~60% less than GKT-VZ series
Wide range capacitance: 4.7uF – 4700uF
Voltage range: 6.3V – 50V.DC
Various dimensions: 4*5.4mm – 16*16.5mm

This series can be found in Telecommunications, General Industrial, EDP, Portable and Lightweight Equipment. The SMD technology is also used in Coupling, Decoupling, and Smoothing, Filtering, Buffering.
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