Capacitor parameters for the series equivalent-circuit model is shown on the below table. Among them, C represents Capacitance; DF is short for Dissipation Factor; Rs is the abbreviation of Equivalent Series Resistance; Z symbols Impedance; Ls is Inductance and fo stands for Self-Resonant Frequency and etc. Please find more fully information in it. 

Capacitancefarads (F)C
Capacitive Reactanceohms (Ω)Xc
Currentamperes (A)I
Dissipation FactornoneDF
Energyoules (J)E
Equivalent Series Resistanceohms (Ω)Rs
Frequencyhertz (Hz)f
Impedanceohms (Ω)Z
Inductancehenries (H)Ls
Inductive Reactanceohms (Ω)XL
Loss Angledegrees (°)δ
Phase Angledegrees (°)Θ
Powerwatts (W)P
Power FactornonePF
Quality FactornoneQ
Self-Resonant Frequencyhertz (Hz)fo
Voltagevolts (V)V

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