Kt Kingtronics GKT- Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is our leading product, we produce and sell best Radial Type, Snap-in Type and SMD chip type Aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

Compared with other capacitors, Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is small in size,large in capacity and highly resistant. Its applications ranging from computers and navigation systems requiring high performance and high reliability to AV (Audio & Visual) equipment, camera flashes, etc.

Kt Kingtronics shares you the production process of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. Details please see the below table.

1SlittingSlitting machine Aluminum foils and separator papers are cut according to the capacitor element designs.
2WindingElectrolytic papers are inserted between anode foils and cathode foils.                                                         They are wound in a cylindrical shape.                          Aluminum lead are connected to the element.
3ImpregnationProcess to soak the element with electrolyte.
4AssemblingThe element is put into aluminum case.                The brim of case is curled to seal.
5SleevingProcess to print the product name, item code and lot number on the cover.
6AgingProcess to repair the formation damaged by cutting foil and winding foil.
7Piece by piece inspectionElectrical characteristic and appearances are examined piece by piece.
8PackagingThe products are packaged.                                           Appearances are examined.
9Final InspectionSampling inspection before shipment
10Stock and ShipmentPacking and shipment

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