Kingtronics produces 2 kinds of electrolytic capacitors:  Aluminum electrolytic capacitor and Tantalum capacitor. 


Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor: automotive power, industrial LED lighting, telecom infrastructure, power supplies,input and output smoothing, audio amplifiers, motor start, blocking and dc-bypass circuits, photoflash and strobe…

Tantalum Capacitor: portable telephones, pagers, personal computers, and automotive electronics, traffic light, washing machine, electronic security, shortwave radio transmitters and receivers, remote controls, power supply, reader module


Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Radial, Snap-in, SMD
Kingtronics P/NDESCRIPTIONLife HoursTemperaturesCharacteristicDatasheet
GKT-GSRadial Type2000H85°CSuper Miniaturized↓ Download PDF
GKT-GTRadial Type2000H105°CHigh Temperature↓ Download PDF
GKT-GHRadial Type2000H105°CLow Impedance↓ Download PDF
GKT-GLRadial Type5000H105°CLong Life↓ Download PDF
GKT-SSSnap-in Type2000H85°CHigh ripple current↓ Download PDF
GKT-STSnap-in Type2000H105°CHigh ripple current↓ Download PDF
GKT-VASMD Type2000H85°C4V ~ 100V.DC↓ Download PDF
GKT-VTSMD Type1000H105°C4V ~ 100V.DC↓ Download PDF
Tantalum Capacitors: Dipped, Chip
TKTRadial Epoxy Dipped0.1 – 330µF6.3V – 50V-55 ~ +125↓ Download PDF
CKTChip Tantalum Capacitors0.1 – 470µF4V – 50V-55 ~ +125↓ Download PDF
EKTLow ESR Chip Tantalum Capacitors0.1 – 470µF4V – 50V-55 ~ +125↓ Download PDF

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