Kingtronics GKT-GZ Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors has not only the lowest impedance but also down size in Radial series. There is no doubt that Kingtronics is reliable, so you can completely rest assured.

Features of GKT-GZ Dip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor:
Lowest impedance
Long life: 6000H ~ 10000H
Down size
Various dimensions: 5*11mm ~ 18*25mm

Specification of GKT-GZ Radial Through-hole E Cap:
Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +105℃
Rated Voltage: 6.3Vdc,10Vdc,16Vdc,25Vdc,35Vdc,50Vdc
Capacitance: 22uF ~ 10000uF

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