With the approaching of new month, to thanks for the support of all our regular and new customers,
Kingtronics team wish to share a good news that we have new round break down offer for SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, 20%+ lower than ever before for most values.

Under the tough market background, it should be a good chance for both us to promote the popular series with aggressive prices.
Would you like to take this opportunity to try win more market share together with Kingtronics ?

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – SMD Type
Kingtronics P/NLoad LifeTemperaturesCharacteristicStandard Sizes(mm)Lead Time
GKT-VA2000H85°CStandard4*5.45-9 weeks
GKT-VC2000H85°CLow Leakage Current6.3*5.4
GKT-VE2000H-3000H105°CLong Life6.3*5.8
GKT-VK2000H-3000H105°CExtra Lower Impedance6.3*7.7
GKT-VL3000H-5000H105°CExtra Long Life8*6.5
GKT-VZ1000H-2000H105°CLow Impedance10*10.5
GKT-VU3000H105°CLong Life12.5*13.5
GKT-VD6000H105°CLong life12.5*16
GKT-VW10000H105°CLong life16*16.5

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