Do you have small size SMD E-cap requirement?
In response to the customer’s small size SMD E-CAP requirements, Kingtronics designs and manufactures SMD ECAP GKT-VR, GKT-VX, GKT-VY series to provide customers with choices

excellent lead time around 2-8 weeks, following are our product data, welcome contact us if any request. 🙂

Designed for surface mounting on high density circuit board
ISO/RoHS certified quality

 Load lifeOperating temperatureCapacitance rangeVoltage rangeDimensions
GKT-VR2000Hr-3000Hr-55℃~+105℃10uF – 2200uF6.3V – 50V.DC4*5.4mm – 10*10.5mm
GKT-VY2000Hr-55℃~+105℃33uF – 1500uF6.3V – 50V.DC6.3*5.8mm – 10*13.5mm
GKT-VX2000Hr-5000Hr-55℃~+105℃10uF – 2200uF6.3V – 50V.DC4*5.4mm – 10*10.5mm

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