Did your suppliers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors inform that price and L/T will increase much more in near future?

Kingtronics can offer you stable price and shorter L/T than those top suppliers as below. Our lead time is only about 5-9 weeks

We can also discuss more at Electronica 2018 in Munich. Do you have plan for it?

TechnologyManufacturerLead-TimesLead-Times TrendComments
Electrolytic CapacitorsNIC Components18-20IncreasingL/T pushed out. Some pricing has been increased. Pushouts some cases 40 weeks
Nichion18-28StableSMD 10×10,8×10,6.3×7.7 L/T coming down now between 18-24, Snap-in still 28-30, price increases happening
Surge14-19IncreasingLead-times pushing out closing on 20 weeks on some products
Panasonic14-18DecreasingSome SMD dropping from 18 to 16 weeks. Some price increases.
United Chemicon16-20IncreasingL/T increasing the 18-20 weeks

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