Before using our Kingtronics Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, please carefully browse the catalog or product specifications. Then use them within the performance limits’ prescribed. It should not be used where electrical insulation is required.
Connecting with the wrong polarity will short-circuit or damage the capacitor with the pressure relief vent opening early on.

Do not apply a high temperature that exceeds the upper limit of the category range specified for the capacitors. Do not use capacitors in circuits intended for rapid charge and discharge cycle operations.

These products are not intended for use in the following special conditions.
(1) In liquid, such as Water,Oil,Chemicals or Organic solvent.
(2) In direct sunlight, outdoors, or in dust.
(3) In an environment where strong static electricity or electromagnetic waves exist.
(4) Mounting or placing heat-generating components or inflammables, such as vinyl-coated wires, near these products.
(5) Using in the atmosphere which strays Acid or alkaline.
(6) Using in the atmosphere which there are excessive vibration and shock.

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