Kingtronics began to sell Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor to overseas market in year 2016, before that, we sold to Chinese mainland and Hong Kong over 10 years with good reputation.

Recently the result proves our strategy is correct, now more and more oversea customers give us positive good feedback for price and quality, and place order to us. Some of our distributor voluntarily help promote our brand E-cap on exhibition, we believe we also can bring profit to your company and support you in your market. 

The E-cap is widely be used in the application of LED, Lighting Tech, power supply, Custom, Adapters, Front End, POE, Open Frame, Capacitor Chargers, DC to DC, Compact PCI, Micro TCA, Military……

We expand E-cap production line for more specification to meet our customer’s difference requirement. Below our SMD E-CAP product series and specification, welcome feel free to check our product datasheet and send your inquiry to us, let us do best to support you.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor product website: 

Kingtronics P/NTypeLoad LifeTemperaturesVoltage RangePackageCharacteristic
GKT-VASMD Type2000H85°C4V ~ 100VTape & ReelStandard
GKT-VTSMD Type1000H~2000H105°C4V ~ 100VTape & ReelStandard
GKT-VCSMD Type2000H85°C6.3V ~ 50VTape & ReelLow Leakage Current
GKT-VESMD Type2000H-3000H105°C6.3V ~ 50VTape & ReelLong Life
GKT-VKSMD Type2000H-3000H105°C6.3V ~ 50VTape & ReelExtra Lower Impedance
GKT-VLSMD Type3000H-5000H105°C6.3V ~ 100VTape & ReelExtra Long Life
GKT-VNSMD Type1000H85°C6.3V ~ 50VTape & ReelBi-polar
GKT-VZSMD Type1000H-2000H105°C6.3V ~ 50VTape & ReelLow Impedance
GKT-VUSMD Type3000H105°C160V ~ 450VTape & ReelLong Life
GKT-VDSMD Type6000H105°C160V ~ 450VTape & ReelLong Life
GKT-VWSMD Type10000H105°C6.3V ~ 450VTape & ReelLong Life

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