Kingtronics dedicates to the market share of Audio products, such as Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.  

Our Axial type Aluminum ecap can be widely applied to audio converters and dividers Audio amp, automotive electronics products, speaker and so on. 

The below 4 series briefly show the difference for Dissipation Factor, load life & operating temperature. 

Please help check the Datasheet for more information & welcome your inquiry for the best quote from our sales! 

SeriesLoad LifeOperating Temperature Range (°C)Description
GKT-AA1000 hours105°CDF at max 4% BP for Audio system
GKT-AM1000 hours105°CDF at max 5% BP for Audio system
GKT-AN1000 hours105°CDF at max 10% at 1KHz BP for Audio system
GKT-AQ1000 hours105°CDF at max 10% BP at 120Hz for Audio system

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