Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are used widely, in automotive power, industrial LED lighting, telecom infrastructure etc..

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Radial GKT-GT 2000H 105°C 1uF/50V, 1uF/63V, 2.2uF/50V, 2.2uF/63V, 3.3uF/50V, 3.3uF/63V, 4.7uF/50V, 4.7uF/63V, 6.8uF/50V, 10uF/50V…   US$0.006/pc

Snap-in GKT-ST 2000H 105°C 2200uF/50V, 3300uF/35V, 4700uF/25V, 6800uF/25V, 10000uF/25V…   US$0.4/pc

SMD GKT-VT 1000H 105°C 1uF/50V, 1uF/63V, 2.2uF/50V, 2.2uF/63V, 3.3uF/50V, 4.7uF/50V,10uF/35V, 22uF/16V…   US$0.127/pc 

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