At the request of our customers, we formally put super capacitors into the international market which were only for the domestic market.
Kingtronics can support Radial, Snap-in, Screw Type and Coin Type with favorable prices & excellent quality.

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Super Capacitors
DKT-DA – Coin Type   http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/DKT-DA-5.5V-Coin-Type-Super-Capacitors.pdf
DKT-DZ- Radial Type, Snap-in Type, Screw Type  http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/DKT-DZ-2.7V-3V-Radial-Snap-in-Screw-Super-Capacitors.pdf

Kingtronics (Kt) Super Capacitors Features

Standard coin-type, Radial type, Snap-in type, Screw Type terminals

Small-sized, large capacity

High energy and high power


Pb-free and RoHS compliant

Kingtronics (Kt) Super Capacitors Applications

RAM, Detonator, car recorder, smart meter

Vacuum switch, digital camera, motor drive, clock circuit

UPS, toy, program-controlled switch, etc

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